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triple glazed windows

There are some buzz words you might have come across choosing a perfect window or a door, and more than likely one of them was “triple glazing”. We all heard we should go with double glazed windows or triple glazed windows and doors, but not all of us know the reason why. 

What is a triple glazed window?

Essentially, a triple glazed window contains three layers of glass with a low emissivity film between these layers (double glazed contains 2 of these layers).

Multiple layered glazed windows have first been commercially introduced in the US in the 1930s (double glazed), however double and triple glazed options were really popularised in North Europe in the 1970s. First introduced in the colder Nordic climates, these windows have become a standard because of their security and thermal insulation benefits. 

Low E – Filter

Low – E filter is e a metallic coating (glaze) on the glass that works in a number of ways. First and foremost it accounts for improved thermal insulation and heat reflection which will help save on the energy bill. Secondly, the glazing does not reduce the amount of sunlight entering the interior, which insures your room has enough natural light throughout the year.

Multiple Glass layers

Another key feature of double and triple glazed windows are multiple glass layers. Multiple glass panes come as a benefit both for improved security and thermal insulation. Triple glazed are the leading choice when it comes to security, with 3 panes of glass (2 facing out and 1 in the middle), making breaking in  almost impossible. Because of their increased security features these windows are the perfect choice for both personal and business building projects.

Benefits of double and triple glazed windows

As mentioned before in the post, the benefits of these windows can be divided into three main categories:

Thermal insulation

When it comes to thermal insulation it doesn’t get any better than triple glazed. Even though these windows are more expensive, the savings in the long term more than justify the cost. Most heat loss goes through your windows and doors as these are the openings to your house. Because of that, most energy audits will focus first and foremost on your windows and insulation. In most cases, upgrading to a triple glazed window is equivalent to re-doing the insulation of your walls and ceiling in terms of energy savings. 

For their thermal insulating properties, these types of windows are often used on commercial projects, and buildings such as schools and hospitals where a good thermal insulation is an absolute priority. In order to cut down costs, a popular option is to use a combination of double and triple glazing on a single project as both options offer great thermal insulation. To conclude, if you want to cut down your energy bill, upgrade your windows.


It’s self explanatory that 2 or 3 panes of glass are tougher to break through than a single layer of glass. Here at DK we take security very seriously and on each project we use the highest quality glass panes, complete with the low-E glazing coat on 2 layer, which together with our multi locking system insures the maximum security. There are several options to choose from such as inward or outward opening, tilt and turn or side hung windows, and with all of these you are guaranteed to have the best security level you can get. To  better describe why these windows are so hard to break let’s describe it with a real life example. A soccer ball is commicaly a common enemy of any window. While a football in full force can easily break a single layer of glass, a double or triple glazed window it’s highly unlikely to break in such a scenario and would take a much higher force. With any external force, the air between the panes acts as a spring, countering the deformation and distributing the force more evenly on the pane. In combination with high quality thick layers of glass, you can see exactly why these are great security options.

Noise reduction

Living in an larger urban area such as Dublin, noise pollution can be a serious issue.  WIth multiple layers of glass this issue is virtually non existent. You can close the windows and doors and enjoy your personal space without any external noises. Multiple layers work as a sound barrier, as the sound has to travel through 2 or 3  layers of glass losing “strength” on each one.

And there you have it! Multiple glazed windows are a long term saving option with improved thermal insulation, security and noise reducing properties. At Dk Windows we offer triple glazed and double glazed in each of our windows and doors options. Double and triple glazing are especially popular options on some of our projects like patio doors. However as every project is different, it is best to consult us before you make a decision so we can find the right option to fit your needs.