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DK Windows’ Composite Doors are constructed from an impact resistant Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) external skin. GRP is light but has a higher strength for weight ratio than mild steel, making the door extremely strong and durable. The doors feature an internal PVC skin which is bonded to a welded, steel reinforced uPVC subframe.

At DK Windows & Doors, we know what is important to you, that’s why each DK Composite Door is specifically designed to suit your needs. In order to understand the depth of our front doors range we suggest paying a visit to our Showroom, 5000 Sq Ft of top quality window & door products on display, in Dublin 12. Take a peek now through this 360° view of our Showroom.

Check our other doors! We offer a range of uPVC doors, aluclad doors and aluminium doors.

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Safety & Security

Our composite doors are strong and durable, ensuring your home and family are kept safe and secure.

  • Multi-point locking system is fitted as standard to reinforce the concept of safety in your home.
  • Steel dog bolts secure the door to the frame on Apeer70 only, protecting against intruders.
  • Sidelights are coupled with aluminium bar for greater security, rigidity and stability.
  • Apeer70 doors have triple glazed units as standard and are internally glazed without exception preventing easy access.
  • Matching timber-effect raised mouldings fitted to the inside of the door and covers our reinforced, fully insulated toughened glazed units.
  • 2 rollers, 3 hooks, 2 deadbolts and 1 latch, high security system protects your family from intruders.
  • Anti-bump, anti-drill, anti-pick and anti-snap Kitemarked cylinder lock barrels are fitted as standard.
  • Flag or butt hinges are fitted to Apeer70 doors to allow for adjustment

Types of Composite Doors


Apeer Traditional Doors

Apeer Traditional Doors come with traditional features and glass elements.

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Apeer Contemporary Doors

Our Apeer Contemporary Doors offer a wide range of glass designs.

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Apeer Modo Doors

The Apeer Modo range offers modern doors with stainless steel glazing trims.

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  • Do composite doors fade?

    Our low-maintenance, highly robust colour finish is designed to stay looking good year after year, both on the outside and on the inside. Choose the perfect colour for the exterior of your home and match it with the perfect colour for the inside. Plus, for absolute consistency even when the door is open, we carefully colour match every edge.

  • Do composite doors warp?

    Our composite doors are made of 70mm of high density polyurethane foam which doesn’t bent at all and it’s impressively very solid.

  • What are composite doors made of?

    Our composite doors are made of 70mm high density polyurethane foam, extra insulating double rebate, GRP inner frame, handmade triple glazed decorative units, double steel hinge bolts, kitemark version available and lifelike grain.

  • Do composite doors expand?

    Composite doors do not expand as the polyurethane foam is solid and it is compressed from each side by fiberglass.

  • Can you cut composite doors?

    Cannot cut through a composite door as they are made of very hard material such as polyurethane foam inside and fiberglass each side.

  • Can you stain composite doors?

    There are only timber effect colours available for the composite doors. There is no option for stain finishes.

  • Are all composite doors the same?

    The composite doors are available in two options, one is 70mm model and the other one is the 44mm model.

  • Are composite doors safe?

    Our police-approved, ‘secured by design’ anti-bump, anti- drill, anti-pick and anti-snap Kitemarked cylinder lock barrels are fitted as standard to every Apeer door. And if that isn’t enough to put off even the most determined criminal, our triple glazed, anti-tamper glazing system will.

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