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With DK windows and doors, you get a guarantee that every product we install or repair is the highest quality, durable professionally made product, installed to last you as long as possible. However, as all products out there, windows and doors are susceptible to wear and damage in the long term. 

Whether you get timber, alculad or PVC windows and doors some maintenance is needed eventually. Some materials need less maintenance than others, however, all windows and doors need some maintenance eventually.

Doors and windows repairs can help with your utility bill, home security, and an overall feeling of comfort in your living place. However, attempting to repair these yourself will in most cases not solve the issue adequately nor long term, which is why we strongly recommend professional windows and doors repairs.

5 reasons why you should repair your doors and windows professionally

Home security

A safe home is a happy home, and security starts with doors and windows. There’s not much to explain, as it basically comes down to securing the openings in your living space. Double and triple glazing helps a lot, but we must always ensure that the doors and windows can be closed properly. Glass panes should be checked for small cracks and tears, as well as leaks. The damage can even weaken the frame making it more vulnerable.

Energy efficiency 

As we’ve repeatedly mentioned in previous posts, windows and doors do wonders for your utility bill. Poor insulation due to damage can make the warm air leak to the outside spaces, making your home less energy-efficient, and in turn your utility bill more expensive.

Professional repairs and maintenance help not only to solve the issues long term but also to identify all the issues. One of the steps towards making your home more energy efficient is also to get an energy audit, and we would highly recommend that.

Non-professional repairs can cause recurring issues, so you might spend money (and time) on a repair, just to experience the same issues in a couple of months.

Long term cost benefits

You might see window repairs as a cost, but in reality, this is more of an investment. With a professional repair, you will save on your utility bill and ensure the security of your home. You will also make sure that the repair is long term and save money on recurring issues and repair.

Sometimes a repair can actually prolong the life span of your windows and doors and delay actually replacing them.

Less noise pollution

One of the (most annoying) bi-products of modern living, especially city living, is noise pollution. We shouldn’t forget that windows and doors play an important role in noise reduction. A damaged window will make your home noisier, and as the damage gets worse, so will the noise. This is an issue a professional can solve quickly, and time is of the essence in these cases as repairing this issue helps improve the quality of living. Home is your personal space, a place where you should be able to relax, and (as we all know) noise can be a nuisance.

Aesthetical improvements

The last point is that professional repairs are as a rule just look better. With windows and doors, it’s not only the durability and quality, but it’s also the style as well. And it’s not only for yourself… Let’s say you’re renting a place or even selling it. Windows and doors can help the “curb appeal” and attract more potential tenants, or even help you get a better price when renting or selling.
All in all, professional repairs will deal with the issues quickly and more importantly help with the issue long term. It’s always a good idea to have your doors and windows checked periodically to help prolong their lifespan and get an idea of whether or not you need repairs. Doors and windows maintenance is also important, so be sure to take care of them and prevent any issues or damage. However in case of damage does happen, repair it professionally.