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sliding doors

Sliding doors provide any home with a modern stylish feel and offer a number of functional benefits. At DK windows and doors, all the sliding doors we offer meet the highest requirements with regard to insulation, stability and safety.

What are sliding doors?

Sliding doors are any doors opened by sliding horizontally along the rails, parallel to another door/glass pane. Because of this sliding doors offer many benefits over the traditional door, saving space and giving the space a more modern, stylish look.

aluclad sliding doors

How do sliding doors work?

Generally speaking, sliding doors open and close by sliding on a set of horizontal guides. There are a few different options most popular of which is a lift and slide system. This means that upon turning the handle the door lifts slightly which allows it to slide along the guides with minimal friction.

What are sliding doors made of?

Sliding doors are made from a glass pane which is often double or triple glazed glass and a frame which can be made of different materials. Most popular options are upvc doors, composite doors, and aluminium doors.

Sliding Doors benefits

If you’re deciding on getting a new sliding door you might find our benefits list useful to guide you in making a decision.

Energy efficiency

Both the models in our offer are great energy insulators and are a functional “barrier”. They offer great thermal and sound insulation and will give you that extra level of comfort you’re looking for. When combined with the triple glazed or double glazed glass panes, this type of doors are not only energy efficient but also secure.

More natural light

Because of the way they’re opened and closed, sliding doors have larger glass panes. The glass panes can run from top to bottom of the door, therefore allowing more natural light into the interior. This is something that is really useful in Ireland as maximising the amount of natural light can not only save on the energy bill, but also make your interiors feel more cosy and warm.

Sliding doors save space

One of the most important qualities sliding doors offer in comparison to other types of doors is the space saving. As these doors do not swing open but rather slide along the railings, there is no space wasted. This is why sliding doors can be especially beneficial for smaller spaces, but also give a modern stylish feel to larger spaces.

Stylish, modern look

All functional benefits aside, a sliding door just looks great! These doors make any space feel more modern and stylish, and also increase your curb appeal. The aesthetic value this type of door brings is important and can also increase the value of your property. More than just the look of the door itself, there is the amount of light allowed inside, and increased field of vision which both add to a more stylish, modern feel.


In the past this was actually a disadvantage of the sliding doors, but with new technologies mainly in the way they are opened/closed, durability has become a benefit of the sliding door. As mentioned before both types of sliding door (slide, and lift and slide) will last a long time and allow for care free low maintenance usage.