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Windows play a couple of important roles in a household. On the practical side, windows serve to ventilate, let in natural light, keep the house warm, and keep the house secure by preventing break-ins.  

On the other hand, windows bring out the style of the house and even help create it. By choosing the right material, colour and type of window you can make your house stand out and create a certain style.  But when is the time to change the windows?

Windows can be changed for many reasons from a practical malfunction to the change of style and an upgrade, or even remodelling. Here’s why you should replace your windows.

Improve home security

You might not think of it this way but getting good windows is probably the best home security ti you’re going to get. Protecting your loved ones, and keeping the home free from intruders is a priority for all of us, which is why good windows are imperative. 

With double or even triple-glazed windows, a potential intruder would have to work very hard before getting into the house. 

But home security also means not injuring yourself in the event that the window does break for any reason.  Modern glass panes break into small pieces and not large glass shards which make it harder to cut or injure yourself. 

Save energy

If your utility bill is out of the roof, consider getting better windows. Good insulation on the windows, and better windows all together help you save energy. 

A good percentage of heat is lost through the openings (doors and windows) so having old windows and poor insulation makes you pay more in the long term. Having good windows can radically lower the bill by reducing the amount of wasted energy.

Create a better living environment

Your home is your safe place, a place where you can relax and feel comfortable. With a good set of windows, you can let more natural light in the house making your living space feel warmer and inviting. You can protect yourself from UV rays and even reduce noise which can be the most important factor depending on the location of the house.

New windows, less maintenance

With new windows and even windows using certain materials in construction such as uPVC windows, Aluminium or Aluclad windows, there will be less need for maintenance. Older frames require a lot of cleaning which takes your free time, and this can also be improved with new windows.

Give your house a new look

If you’re just tired of the old windows this is as good of a reason as any to make a change. Getting new windows can be like getting a new pair of sunglasses for your house. But style aside, new windows can actually improve the appeal of the property and this is especially important when renting out or even selling a house.

And it’s not only the look of the house that makes the sale. Did you know that good windows are among the top features people are looking for in a new house? The reasons why are all of the above! With the rent prices today, a good, energy-efficient and secure window can save some money on the utility bill and will keep you safe.

All in all, a good window will keep your house warm, safe, stylish and cosy, and even though it can be a costly investment, it’s one certain to pay off in the long term.

Which windows to get

As for the type of windows you should get, it’s difficult to give a definite answer. However, a guide could help with the choice.

Triple glazed windows will ensure the maximum security of your house. Aluclad will get you the most quality and low maintenance. UPVC could be the simplest choice, it’s easy to maintain, and due to the flexibility of the material, it can be moulded into many different shapes and made to mimic other materials.  Timber will get you a rustical style and a traditional sense, whilst providing you with high security. 

Getting new windows is a big choice, but we’re here to make this experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. In the end, you’re redecorating by replacing the windows and that should be fun, not stressful.  So take a look at our replacement projects for inspiration, contact us and let’s find a perfect window for your needs!