Our timber windows are exceptionally engineered. For almost 100 years, these windows have stood out for quality and they offer a mix of technology, design, innovation and sustainability.

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Nordic Window

Wooden windows with outward opening.


Frame 115 mm thick profiles
Sash 77 mm thick profiles
Units inside the sash 40 mm thick
Two lines of sealing gaskets
Sloping external aluminium sill of original design on the sash
External frame and sash in one plane
Scandinavian type „Nordic” system windows with outward opening
Only three double-glazed units with a thickness of 40 mm or 52 mm are possible
Uw up to 1.0 W/m²K

FineLine – Inward Opening Windows

With NATURELINE 78,  brings a wooden window to the market, which, even though an “entry-level” model,  delivers all the benefits of product quality. 78 mm overall depth and 100% wood enable the very best structural physical properties and outstanding Uw values of 1.2 to 0.7 W/m2K.


Innovative extras like  Thermostop® and  Audiostop® ensure more warmth, quiet and open vistas, keeping your permanently beautiful.


The range of paints and glazes fulfills every wish. Design your own windows just as you would like them.

ClassicLine – Sliding Sash Windows

DK Windows & Doors vertical sliding sash windows are a superb quality, multi-functional, visually stunning range manufactured exclusively by the DK Windows & Doors.

The DK Windows & Doors sliding sash window combines the elegance of traditional sash windows with the benefits of modern PVC materials. DK’s Sash windows will be a lasting feature to your home for many years.


The DK Windows & Doors vertical sliding sash window is available in white, cream, oak and new to the range, black.* To match, window furniture is offered in white, chrome and brass.

If you require a more period-style look, there are extra options of Astrical Bar or Georgian Bar. Decorative sash horn options are also an elegant addition.

The vertical sliding sash window can be manufactured to your size requirements, and to give you extra choice, can be manufactured with an arched head. DK’s Sash windows ensure low maintenance, as unlike timber sliders, PVC will not rot or require repainting, and due to the tilt facility, can be easily cleaned.

Manufactured from PVCu, DK Windows & Doors ’s vertical sliding sash windows are strong, will not rot or require repainting, this ensures that they retain their colour and shape throughout the years with the minimum of maintenance.

  • The DK’s Sash window is ideal for replacing existing timber sliders in period buildings, whilst at the same time providing character and traditional elegance in all new build houses.
  • The top and bottom sash on the window both feature the vertical sliding sash facility for both convenience and safety.
  • Both sashes tilt inwards into the room to provide extra ventilation options and this also allows for easy maintenance.

Safety & Security

  • To ensure safety within the family home, there is the option of a child restrictor hinge for both tilting sashes, keeping your family safe and secure.
  • The gaskets within the vertical sliding sashes sits flush within the frame which means that only a fraction of the gasket is visible. The result is that the appearance of the window is not distorted by thick, bulky lines.

Glazing and Energy Efficiency

  • The vertical sliding sash window is internally glazed ensuring it is one of DK Windows & Doors ’s most secure frames
  • For extra security, customers may also choose an additional high security lock
  • Designed to achieve a Window Energy Rating of Band ‘A’ with 24mm sealed units
  • Draughts prevented with pile seals to the sash and outerframe
  • Windows can be made up to a maximum size of 1600mm wide and 3000mm high
  • Vertical sliding sash windows are fitted with double glazed units as standard.

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