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brown composite front door

When we think of home design, choosing the perfect front door is not generally the first thing that comes to mind. Though at DK Windows & Doors, we can guarantee you that not all doors are the same. The process of choosing a new front door design for your home can be exciting and full of choice.

With DK Windows & Doors, you can choose from a wide range of doors and products, such as French doors, Composite doors, Patio doors, Aluclad doors and Aluminium doors. Each comes with a number of benefits.

How to Choose a Door?

While choosing a front door that is within your budget is top priority, there is always room to choose a beautiful design that suits the style of your home. Doors, in particular front doors, are not merely functional additions to the home.Your front door contributes to the exterior design of your home and gives an insight into the interior within.

At DK Windows & Interiors, we have made it easy for you to find the perfect front door. Choose between:

French Doors

From a design perspective, French Doors offer both inward and outward opening designs. In regard to colour, at DK Windows & Doors we offer a large range to choose between, from blue to french grey and wood grain foil finishes, the perfect colour is there for everyone. The French Door design is popular due to its ability to let natural light into the home. In addition, there is an option to include triple glazing and even a postbox, adding to the benefits of choosing the French Door design.

Composite Doors

At DK Windows & Doors, every Composite Door is specifically designed to suit your needs and wants. Choose between Apeer Traditional Doors, Apeer Contemporary Doors and Apeer Modo Doors. Apeer Traditional and Contemporary Doors come with glass elements, traditional features and are available in 24 colours. Apeer Modo Doors are suited to the modern style, with their doors offering stainless steel glazing trims. All composite doors offered by DK are made from an impact resistant Glass Reinforced Plastic. It is light, but has the strength of a mild steel, making the door extremely strong and durable, resulting in it being a popular choice. 

Patio Doors

Choosing a patio door is a suitable option if your front entrance is a porch. Our patio doors are inline sliding in design, making them a versatile option. At DK, we offer a number of patio door styles, from two pane to four pane. Similar to our French Doors, the mid-rail design enables you to incorporate a postbox if desired, and offers both double glazing and triple glazing windows for energy efficiency. For whatever style you desire, our patio doors come in a number of colours.

Aluclad Doors

Aluclad doors are made up of a combination of aluminium and timber. Both Aluclad windows and doors fit in perfect harmony with the design of modern homes. At DK Windows & Doors, we offer double and triple glazing. Aluclad windows and doors are weatherproof, resistant, tough, easy to maintain. They fit perfectly into every contemporary home while creating both a safe and energy efficient environment for every house they are installed in.

Aluminium Doors

At DK, we offer sliding and bi-folding aluminium doors. Our sliding doors offer a special corner solution, making it possible to open up spaces. This creates a clear continuity between your indoor and outdoor spaces. Sliding doors are perfect for homes with a view. Our folding door system optimizes your way of living by drawing the exterior into your home, minimising space usage. It has the ability to open both inward and outward. In order to match all of your comfort and aesthetic requirements, our bi-folding doors are available in four different threshold options, all which provide smooth entry from outside to inside.

So, as you can see from the above, your choices are endless when it comes to finding the perfect front door for your home. Get in touch with us today by calling 01 424 2067 to discuss your creative design ideas and we will ensure you find what you are looking for in the door department, whether it be a traditional or modern style.