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At DK, we are completely aware that doors and windows are a long-term investment. Good doors and windows keep your loved ones secure, help you save on the utility bill, and help set a style and atmosphere in the home. New doors and windows can even improve the curb appeal of the house and help you get more if you’re renting or selling the property.

All that in mind, getting new doors and windows can be expensive, which is why it’s important to maintain your doors and windows to prolong their life cycle. All our products require the least possible maintenance (some less than others), however, some level of maintenance is required and recommended. 

Get your windows and doors inspected

All things change with time, and our products are no different. Windows can get damaged or just naturally wear out in time.  An expert can point to the spots that are worn out or damaged and need to be repaired. Our windows installation experts can help with windows reparation and even inspection of the issues.

Which parts need to be inspected and maintained?

There are some spots on the windows and doors that need to be checked and maintained more than others. The first and the most obvious are the glass panes. Glass is the most sensitive component of the window. Even though we offer double or even triple-glazed glass panes, which help improve the insulation and the security of the window, glass can sometimes get damaged due to impacts, or long term ware. Broken windows panes can leak heat out during the winter and in during the summer, which does not help the utility bill. Never try to replace the glass yourself! 

Look for gaps and cracks

Gaps between the wall and the window frame can be an issue. These Gaps need to be filled to maintain the form of the window and prevent issues with insulation. The second point of inspection are the rubber seals around the windows. These are essential components as they actually hold the glass against the frame. Under damage or wear, these can crack so they need to be replaced or fixed.

Latches and Locks

Locks are the most important part of a window or door in a sense that they keep the house safe. Even Though a lock on the door is important (because it’s the main point of entry to a house) a window lock and latch is equally important. Inspect locks and latches regularly, and in case of an issue with the locking mechanism it’s important to contact a professional immediately. Faulty locks are one of the biggest issues with doors and windows and can also create the most damage.

Wash your windows and doors regularly 

Simply washing the windows and doors might not seem like much, but sometimes it’s all you need to do to prolong their life. Dust and dirt can get into the gaps and damage the window frames. Bigger and sharper pieces of dirt can scratch the glass panes in the long term and shorten the duration of an average window or door.

Adapt to the material

How to maintain a window or a door has to do with the material used in the build as much as anything else. Timber windows and doors give your house a nice, rustical look, and are also among the sturdiest materials. However, timber requires the most maintenance, as wood is an organic material. uPVC, on the other hand, requires the least maintenance, and simply cleaning it every once in a while as well as keeping an eye for cracks and other issues would be enough. 

Watch for leaks

If you notice water or moisture accumulating between the glass panes on a door or a window you should get them inspected. This means the window has a leak, and that the seal is damaged allowing water inside the panes. That seal would need to be replaced in this case. You can notice moisture condensing on the inside of the panes. Mold can be another issue caused by moisture that can damage the panes and the frame.

We assemble and install all the doors and windows so that they can last long and withstand damage and any weather conditions. With a little TLC, you are guaranteed to have a long-lasting product that will quite literally bring light and warmth to your living for years to come.