Tilt ‘n’ Turn windows are a superb alternative to standard windows in terms of the flexibility and variation they offer any home or office, yet still guarantee an elegant appearance to any building or room.


DK’s Tilt and Turn Windows have a dual opening action and are available in 60 & 70 mm profile. The windows are provided with all round locking, internally glazed, open-in, providing good security and weather tightness. The tilt before turn operation provides improved child safety and the ability to carry out internal and external cleaning without the risk, making it practically suitable in high-rise applications.

The Tilt ‘n’ Turn windows are side hung and can be turned to open fully into the room – this provides an ideal fire escape exit for any room. Alternatively the window can be tilted open at the top to provide all day ventilation, and will provide security reassurance when the window remains open for an extended period of time.

Safety & Security

  • 5 chamber system for fully enclosed aluminium and/or steel reinforcement
  • Hardware meets requirements of BS 7412
  • Fitted with all round multi-point locking mechanisms
  • Locking or non-locking handles in a range of finishes
  • Windows fitted with high-security hardware meet the requirements of PAS 24

Energy Efficiency

  • Energy efficient windows achieving a Window Energy Rating (WER) of Bands ‘C’ to ‘A+’
  • A minimum U value of 1.6 W/(m²K) can be achieved to meet current Building Regulations
  • Co-extruded Bubble weather seals ensure the performance meets the requirements of BS 6375-1
  • Double Glazed or Triple Glazed Option


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