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All you need to know about composite doors!

Composite doors are made of a multitude of materials to ensure optimum performance and durability. Our composite doors are made a mixture of materials including fiberglass, and uPVC. The 70mm reinforced monocoque structure makes our doors extremely durable and heat retentive. They also provide a hardened high-security structure that is virtually impossible to break through.

Door surface & furniture:

All our composite doors are low maintenance and high security by design. Any maintenance required to keep your door in tip-top condition is very easy to carry out. A few simple tasks can ensure that your door stays in its best possible condition. All you need is a mild detergent mixed with warm soapy water to wash the surface of the door and the doorframe. Likewise, the door furniture, such as the letterbox, door knocker or handles, can all be cleaned with mild detergent and warm soapy water once per month. It is important to note that you cannot use any bleach products or harsh chemicals on the door as they may decrease the paint quality or quality of the surface. Similarly, metal polish or wired brushes should never be used to clean or wipe the surface or furniture of the door. Before cleaning the door test the detergent out on a small section of the door or its frame. This way you can be certain that your chosen detergent will work well with your door. Please note that the frames of doors may be made from a different material but should be maintained and cleaned in the same way.

Locking mechanism & moving parts:

Mechanical components of your door should be oiled lightly biannually. Locking systems may also be lubricated biannually. You can apply grease to the hooks, deadbolts, the face of the latch and side of the rollers. Roller slots should be oiled with general lubricant. The cylinder can be lubricated using spray silicon or a graphite-based lubricant twice/once per month.


It is important not to use excessive amounts of lubricant, oil, grease or detergent on the door. No solvent based or abrasive products or cloths should be used on the door. Using these will decrease the quality of the door surface, the door itself and may lead to invalidating your warranty. Where possible you should always use a camel brush or linen cloth to clean your door.