Outward Opening Double Glazed

The idea of an outward opening double glazed window is developed in Scandinavian countries in harsh climate conditions: in Denmark and in Norway such windows have been the main solution in building practice.

The construction of an outward opening double glazed window is designed to have excellent performance and functionality during different season through the year: in high humidity, in dry conditions, while it is cold or hot. Gaskets and insulated glazing units used in the design ensure air tightness and energy efficiency. Carefully chosen wood and the use of tested hardware prolong window’s life span.

In addition to the traditional side hung opening type there are also projecting opening types in DK’s product line to enable easy access for both sides of a window for cleaning purposes.

In DK Window’s product lines outward opening double glazed window is named DK-12 Window. It is best described as a traditional window with double glazing, slim frames and internal moulded profile (see the illustrations below).

DK-12 wooden window:

Outward Opening Double Glazed

Traditional, enduring, energy efficient, sustainable.

DK-12 aluminium clad window:

Outward Opening Double GlazedModern, enduring, energy efficient, sustainable.

Opening types:

Side hung window
Side guided (side projecting) window
Top guided window
Top swing window


Old style:

DK-12 windows can be made to look old style. For that purpose the finger locks should be specified.

Outward Opening Double Glazed
Sidehung DK-12 window with finger locks (inside view)
Outward Opening Double Glazed
Sidehung DK-12 window with finger locks (outside view)

Fixed lights and windows with mullions and transoms:

Fixed light is a simple solution which includes a galzing unit installed directly to the window frame. This is a way to increase light gain inside. A more complex variation could be a window with a fixed casement. This could be a case of historic buildings where it is required to maintain outside face.

DK Window’s product line also include wide variety of dividing possibilities for frames and casements: mullions, transoms, glazing bars and applied bars on glazing units. Single multilight window frame can be as big as 2,5 x 3,2 m.

Besides retangular windows we offer solution for angular and rounded openings too.