Inward Opening Triple Glazed

Inward opening (also knonw as tilt-and-turn) windows are traditional to Central Europe. DK13-3k Window is a solid wooden window with the 78 mm profile system and a glazing unit with two low-E and one regular glass, Argon filled cavities and the total thickness of 40 mm. For the warm edge solution it is recommended to use SGG Swisspacer spacer bars as a warm edge solution.

Typical opening type is side hung (turn) combined with the ventilation opening (tilt from top of the sash): tilt-and-turn window. Thermal transmittance of the standard window is Uw = 0,94 W/²K

Opening types:

Tilt and turn window
Side hung window
Tilt window

Fixed lights and windows with mullions and transoms:

Fixed light is a simple solution which includes a glazing unit installed directly to the window frame. This is a way to increase light gain inside. A more complex variation could be a window with a fixed casement. This could be a case of historic buildings where it is required to maintain the outside face.

DK Windows product lines also include a wide variety of dividing possibilities for frames and casements: mullions, transoms, glazing bars and applied bars on glazing units. A single multilight window frame can be as big as 2,5 x 3,2 m.

Besides rectangular windows we offer solution for angular and rounded openings too.