Aluclad and Timber Folding Patio Doors

Folding doors are ideal for locations where there is a need for large openable areas: opened door leaves are fixed on the side(s) of the product. This way opening is completely clear.

The product is based on same profile system as the Dk inward opening wooden window (therefore it does not have conventional threshold). In addition to traditional sideways slide opening it tilts at the top for ventilation. ROTO hinges system enables to manufacture up to 130 kg openable sash. Profiles and technical properties are similar to tild-and-turn windows.

Folding door is available both as wooden and aluminium clad door. Traditional double glazing (Ug = 1,1 W/m2K) or energy efficient triple glazing (Ug = 0,6 W/m2K) can be used.