DK inline sliding patio doors  from our uPVC Doors line are a versatile option and ideal for both conservatories and porches. Handle and locking system provides improved aesthetics and security through outward opposing hooks which prevent the leaf from being lifted from its frame. Post co-extended sashes result in an easier, faster, cost efficient solution.


  • Available in two, three or four pane options providing choice in the door style available
  • Optional mechanical outer frame allows outer frame to be flat packed for easier transportation
  • Compatibility with hardware across all Spectus product range, ensures consistency in design, installation and finish
  • Purpose designed Mid-Rail provides the ability to incorporate a letter box
  • Compatible with Elite 70 and Elite 63 systems for consistent appearance
  • Dedicated frame coupler

Safety & Security

  • High security four hook locking mechanism
  • Smooth sliding action, the doors can be fitted to the internal or external track
  • Post co-extruded flush gaskets
  • Smooth sliding action

Glazing & Energy Efficiency

  • 28mm Double Glazed, U Value 1.3 W/m²K
  • 40mm Triple Glazed, U Value 0.9 W/m²K

Minimum & Maximum Dimensions

Minimum and maximum dimensions as follows:

Min. Width Max. Width Min. Height Max. Height
2 pane 1490mm 3000mm 1400mm 2400mm
3 pane 2230mm 4400mm 1400mm 2400mm
4 pane 2890mm 4600mm 1400mm 2400mm


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