Maximize your open space with Solarlux Bi-Folding doors. A five-meter-wide folding glass door can be easily folded away into a neat space-saving package of a mere 50 cm in width. The filigree systems made of aluminium, wood or a mixture of wood and aluminium can be used to create individual solutions – whatever size you require. Create spacious interiors with maximum thermal insulation and security.

SL 67

Wood/aluminium, heat-insulated

A unique alliance: The SL 67 combines wood sections with rear-ventilated external aluminium facing sheets and an interior that offers the unique charm and warmth that can only be found in natural products. Maximum weather protection enhanced in an exclusive design offer a unique combination of style and functionality.

Technical Information

  • 66 mm installation depth
  • Heat-insulated wood/aluminium folding glass door
  • Standard wood: pine and spruce, other wood types optionally available
  • Sunken ground rail available for barrier-free living
  • Standard glazing is a heat-insulated glass Ug = 1.1 W/m²K (k=1) with 2 x 4 mm float glass
  • Can be combined with standard SL 68HA window system: Turn-and-tilt, fixed elements
  • Durable and maintenance-free stainless steel carriage

Technical Details


Choose Your Opening Constellation

Folding glass doors offer a wide range of opening constellations.

Wood and Aluminium Colours for Wood/Aluminium Systems

Choose your favourite colour for a variety of FSC/ PEFC zertified woods. For the aluminium surface on the outside you have the choice between standard-RAL colours and a lot of special colours.

SL 78

Wood, heat-insulated

A key feature of the SL 78 folding glass door is its excellent thermal insulation. 78 mm laminated wood sections with triple glazing achieve a U-value of 1.1 W/m²K and meet the requirements of the low-energy house standard. Certified wood and water-based varnishes are consistent with our ecological approach to sustainable building. A wide range of colours and wood types ensure maximum creative scope for individual designs.

Technical Information

  • Laminated wood sections with 78 mm installation depth
  • Also available with triple glazing
  • U-value = 1.1 W/m²K
  • Glazing with heat-insulated glass Ug = 0.7 W/m² K, 3 x 4 mm float glass with thermally improved spacers
  • Pane constructions available up to 36 mm
  • Two circumferential sealing systems and an additional seal in the panel joint ensure high impermeability to wind and rain.
  • Sunken ground rail available for barrier-free living
  • Standard wood: pine and spruce, other wood types optionally available

Technical Details

Colours of Wood Surfaces

Surfaces for wood systems – further colours are available on request in our wood sample folder.

SL 82

Aluminium, heat-insulated according to the latest German energy saving regulation (EnEV)

The SL 82 is a heat-insulated folding glass door with a full glass look and a flat exterior glass surface. This innovative product is based on our tried and tested SL 80 folding glass door system but appears virtually frameless. In spite of being a mere 8 mm in width, the aluminium surround provides optimal edge protection for the glazing. The all-over all-glass look is achieved using stepped-edge glazing that covers the section.

SL 82: iF product design Award 2010 & red dot product design award 2010
The internationally renowned Hanover-based iF Design Forum subjects submitted products to a total of 12 evaluation criteria, including design quality, processing, material selection and “Universal Design”.The Red dot design award is an internationally recognised competition, whose prize, the red dot, is regarded among experts as a true mark of quality and good design. With more than 12,000 participants from more than 60 nations, the red dot design award is one of the biggest design competitions in the world. With its new SL 82 folding glass door, Solarlux truly has its finger on the pulse. “A new dimension in design” is the motto of the folding door with its all-glass look.

Technical Information

  • 80 mm installation depth,
  • All-glass look is achieved by using stepped edge glazing covering over the section and slim frame sections
  • An aluminium panel frame surround with a slim face width of 8 mm protects the glass edge.
  • Stable aluminium hollow chamber sections with 4-fold rolled-in insulating bars ensure maximum thermal insulation acc. to the latest German energy saving regulation (EnEV).
  • Good burglar resistance due to integrated convenient SL lock with handle function, latch lock with profile cylinder and locking bar.
  • Opening and closing of elements from outside possible with through-glass handle and profile cylinder.
  • Sunken ground rail without limit stop available for barrier-free living

Technical Details

Choice of Colours

We also offer a wide range of standard RAL colours and many other colours from the Solarlux colour guide.

SL 97

Design Meets Ecology

World first: Folding Glass Door SL 97 Wood / Aluminium for passive houses

A very high thermal insulation characterizes the SL 97 folding glass door of wood / aluminum. Laminated wood profiles with 96 mm in depth, an additional insulation layer and triple glazing achieve a U value of 0.80 W/m2 K and allow a reference to the passive house standard. Certified wood from sustainable forests and water-based glazes are consistently pursuing the ecological approach to sustainable construction. All components are tested to be environmentally friendly.v

Technical Information

  • 96 mm element thickness
  • thermally insulated wood / aluminium profiles: laminated
    panel frames made of wood with technical slot-pin-
    connection on the inside and aluminium cover as weather protection on the outside and also an insulation level in between
  • Sealing against wind and rain by triple wraparound seal
  • Spruce or pine wood (standard) alternatively, other woods are available
  • Wood from sustainable forestry (optional)

Technical Details

Choose Your Opening Constellation

Folding glass doors offer a wide range of opening constellations.

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